Make literacy fun

Ignite your child’s love for literacy in less than five minutes a day. Moonrise is your personal coach to explore, learn, and grow together in the world of words.

Evidence-based learning

Our app is grounded in the latest educational research, ensuring your child's learning journey is not just enjoyable but scientifically proven to be effective.

Fits into your daily routine

Easily to incorporate literacy development into your busy schedule, ensuring you can be part of your child's learning journey, no matter how packed your day is.

Learn together

Say goodbye to dull, repetitive learning methods. Moonrise is all about making literacy fun! Engage with activities that both you and your child will love.

Engaging read-aloud lessons

You’re not just reading to your child; you're opening doors to new worlds, fostering a love for stories, and building stronger connections, one read-aloud adventure at a time.


Hi, I’m Chris, an enthusiastic educator dedicated to the literacy journey of children for over ten years. My mission is to not only teach literacy skills but to instill a deep-seated love for reading and writing in young learners. As schools nationwide shift back to structured phonics instruction, many educators are facing challenges in adapting to these teaching methods, particularly in phonics and word morphology.

My consultation services offer a practical and adaptable approach to phonics instruction. I provide strategies and insights that are compatible with any phonics system and tailor them to meet the unique needs of your students. My goal is to empower you to become an exemplary model and instructor, ensuring that you can confidently guide your students towards literacy success.

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