We Make learning to read and Write Fun for everyone

We'll give you the skills to make lifelong readers out of your kids!

Our habit forming app is specifically designed with busy parents and overwhelmed early learning educators in mind!

Bringing decades of experience teaching literacy together into an app like no other!

We combine the science of reading with structured phonics, memory techniques used by world memory champions, and technology to coordinate learning between Early learning centres, schools and the home. Our goal is to dramatically accelerate you children’s acquisition of reading and writing skills.

So What is it that we actually do...

And what can we do for you?

Phonics Instruction

Synthetic phonics is scientifically-proven to be the most effective way to teach children to read and write.

The "synthetic" simply means "sequenced from the simple to the complex".

Whilst we've devised our own synthetic phonics program, we understand that every school and kindergarten might do it differently and that every child learns differently. So our program is designed to facilitate whatever phonics program you child's kinder or school is using. Don't worry, because the mechanics of language are roughly the same, regardless of the phonics system used.

So, we focus on giving you the basic skills and knowledge and providing actionable activities or strategies to use regularly with your kids.

Improve your Instruction

Just because you know something, doesn't make you great at teaching it.

We'll deliver you daily micro-lessons (3-5mins MAX... We Promise!) on everything from reading aloud pointers, to phonics, to the science of teaching (called Pedagogy) to help you become more effective at invisibly integrating literacy learning into your kids' daily lives.

Our philosophy is that


We don't want parents to be teachers, but parents the honest truth is that all parents have many wonderful opportunities to teach their kids.

Our goal is to help you build habits that will promote your kids' literacy skills, through meaningful and fun experiences.

Set Your Own Schedule

We get it! The modern world is so fast paced, and with many families having both parents working, it can be challenging to fit in time to help your kids.


With our app you can set your own learning schedule, so our micro-lessons drop to you when you actually have the time to watch them!

As far as your kids go, that's the best bit!

Our program revolves around improving the quality and consistency of bedtime story time! We'll then coach you on how to integrate phonics and other literacy instruction into their day and throughout the various meaningful, real-life experiences you have together. If you read aloud already, we're talking an extra 2-5mins a day with your kids to make all the difference!

Coordinate Learning

Children are handful... that's why we need support networks to look after them!

Wouldn't it be great if you, your partner, Gran and G'Pa, your child's teacher, and even your young child all knew what they are trying to learn on any given day?

That's exactly what our app does for you.

We'll send you the kindergarten or school's learning foci of the day, and give you instructions on how to reinforce the learning for a few minutes during bedtime story time!

We want your kids to be receiving consistent information that promotes learning growth and ensures you're always working within their capacity.

Assess & Track Progress

We'll provide you with simple informal assessments you can use to track their progress.

Everyone, can update kids' progress and our responsive platform is designed to give you the most up to date information on what your kids know, and what they're still trying to figure out.

With live tracking of you kids progress, both you and educators, will know what they need to work on, and what they're ready to learn next at any moment.

Our aim is to eventually eliminate the need for standardized tests by making continuous tracking of progress so easy that anyone can do it and know what to do next to help kids learn to read and write.

Reinforce Learning

We are big believers in the critical role parents play in their children's learning. Our aim is to support parents to seamlessly work with educators to reinforce learning that happens during the day when kids are home.

Our algorithms for spaced repetition of learning are carefully designed to maximize the rate at which new memories are stored in long-term memory, whilst minimizing the time required for you to manage what needs to be reinforced.

We do the analysis, so that you can focus on making the learning fun!

Chris Kloester

Managing Director

Chad Wyatt

Technical Director

We are dedicated to our goal of eliminating illiteracy alltogether!

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