Consulting for schools

Providing strategies and insights that are compatible with any phonics system and tailor them to meet the unique needs of your students, ensuring that you can confidently guide your students towards literacy success.

Transform your literacy teaching

Are you finding it challenging to captivate your students with the world of books? Seeking a straightforward, evidence-backed phonics approach that you can start using immediately?

Hi, I’m Chris, amd I’m here to revolutionise your literacy teaching with actionable strategies and activities that you can implement right now.

Here's how I can help

Simplify reading and writing instruction

Our methods are so straightforward that every student can excel.

Develop a functional whole school approach

Create a cohesive literacy strategy across your school.

Maximise learning time and engagement

Shift students' focus from wondering "what to do" to actively "doing it."

Boost automatic decoding skills

Enhance students' ability to effortlessly interpret written words.

Improve letter formation and handwriting

Advance students' writing skills for clear, fluent expression.

Strengthen grammar, syntax, and word morphology

Lay a solid foundation for advanced literacy skills.

Tailored coaching services

Free parent evening (K-2)

Building connection through phonics and read-aloud – 1hr

Functional literacy workshop (K-6)

Simplify literacy instruction and streamline learning – 1hr

Unified literacy program

Evidence-based approach for increased engagement – Whole day

Bespoke consulting

Customised literacy solutions

Ready to elevate your literacy instruction? Get in touch to embark on a journey to transform your students' literacy learning

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