Meet Moonrise

A habit-building literacy app, designed for busy parents and devoted early learning educators.

Your personal literacy coach

Moonrise is a comprehensive, habit-building literacy app. Designed to efficiently guide you in nurturing your child’s early language abilities through a systematic, phonics-based approach. And the best part? It only takes less than five minutes a day. With Moonrise, enhancing your child’s reading and writing skills is not just effective, but also fits effortlessly into your daily routine.

Evidence-based learning

Moonrise is grounded in the latest educational research, ensuring your child's learning journey is not just enjoyable but scientifically proven to be effective. With Moonrise, you're participating in a learning process backed by solid evidence.

Integrate into everyday life

We understand the challenges of juggling responsibilities. That's why Moonrise is crafted to blend into your daily routine, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary learning opportunities.

Simple, yet
powerful features

Fun and effective

Say goodbye to dull, repetitive learning methods. Moonrise is all about making literacy fun! Engage with vibrant, interactive activities that both you and your child will love. It's not just about learning; it's about creating joyful memories together.

Learn together

No more feeling guilty about not having enough time. Moonrise makes it easy to incorporate literacy development into your busy schedule, ensuring you can be part of your child's learning journey, no matter how packed your day is.

Letter and sound focus

Enhance your child's ability to read and write by understanding the sounds that letters make. It's a foundational skill that will set them up for a lifetime of literacy success.

Phonics progress tracker

Gain valuable insights into your child’s literacy development. Track every milestone in your child's phonics learning journey and celebrate their achievements together.

Extensive resource library

Go beyond app-based learning with a rich and ever-growing library of evidence-based resources, recommendations, and expert insights at your fingertips.

Let's eliminate illiteracy together

Join today and recieve lifetime access to 100+ phonics lessons, activities and evidence-based resources.

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